How did SMC infrastructures work at Tarapur to maintain the ecological balance?

Tarapur is an industrial town in the state of Maharashtra that houses several industries estates like bulk drug manufacturing units, specialty chemical manufacturing units, steel plants, and some textile plants.

The area is highly dominated by polluting textile industries. The Government of Maharashtra established the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC), Tarapur in the year 1972. The Tarapur MIDC has a long history of being one of the most polluted industrial areas in the country ever since it began functioning in 1972, with constant violations of prescribed norms. 

The total generation of industrial effluent from the Tarapur industrial area is around 33 million liters per day (MLD) as against the capacity of 25 MLD. Untreated effluent from the CETPS was being disposed of into the Navapur creek. Due to several leakages in the effluent carrying pipeline, the effluent was being released into the nullahs and creeks in the area.

Considering all of the above, an outfall sewer was envisaged to carry effluent water deeper into the Arabian Sea to reduce the impact on the surrounding areas, marine life and maintain ecological balance.

The Maharashtra Government entrusted SMC infrastructures Pvt Ltd with the work of laying the outfall sewer pipeline. An outfall sewer pipeline is a sewer that receives wastewater from a collection system or from a wastewater treatment plant and carries it to a point of ultimate or final discharge in the environment.

The pipeline was conceptualized by SMC Infrastructures is placed below the sea bed at a minimum depth of 12m (the lowest water level at any time) and runs along the length of 7.1kms into the sea. It thus results in mixing the effluent water with the seawater and diluting the impact to maintain ecological balance in the area.

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