SMC Infrastructures biggest milestone – Setting up the largest water treatment plant in Asia

Mumbai has seen intense urbanization and population growth over the last few decades. This has resulted in the increasing pressure on water resources to cater to the ever-growing needs of residents.

Meeting the clean drinking water requirement for Mumbaikars is, of course, a big challenge. With this in mind, a mega 900MLD water treatment plant was set up by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai at Bhandup.

The Government assigned the project of building the water treatment plant in Mumbai to SMC Infrastructures Private Limited which was executed in association with the French conglomerate Degremont Limited. At this plant in Bhandup, the water from the Tansa, Vaitarna, and part of the Bhatsa rivers is received, treated, and pumped for use by people.

SMC Infrastructures Private Limited has grown into a versatile player with the expertise to handle a wide range of infrastructure projects. In just a short time, SMC has carved a niche for itself as a respected company creating enduring value in infrastructure for our customers in particular, and for society as a whole under the key leadership of its key founders’ directors Suhas Narayan Mehta, Arun Ramchandra Sheth, Anirudha Arun Seth, and Prashant Madhusasan Mahagaokar.

The focus of SMC Infrastructures Mumbai is on excellence, be it in infrastructure or in our other areas of influence, we ensure that we are not just a company that executes projects for profit, but one that creates infrastructure for life.

We are led by a team of skilled consultants, impeccable engineers, and trained workers under the vision of pragmatic leaders to deliver large and medium-scale projects to meet the highest standard of safety and quality.

The water treatment plant in Bhandup is the largest in Asia that has state of art technology of Pulsator clarifier and Aquazur filter with cross wash arrangement. This plant has a facility to treat and recycle wash water to make use of every drop of water.

Along with this, an automated batching plant has also been installed exclusively for this project. The project was planned with a budget of total construction machinery worth INR 100 million and shuttering material worth INR 60 million.

The project was of an unprecedented scale and has been completed on time and handed over to the government.

SMC believes that everyone has the right to clean water and we are elated to get the opportunity to be a part of and execute the water treatment plant project at Bhandup.