SMC Infrastructures comes-up with the solution of Oxygen generator for high purity Oxygen to the society

At SMC Infrastructures Pvt Ltd, we have always believed that serving people is what makes a business successful in real terms and not just earning profits. To make our contributions to society and help the needy in times of crisis, we had created the SMC Foundation in the year 2014 under the guidance ofSuhas Mehta and Arun Ramchandra Seth.

Understanding the present shortage of oxygen availability in hospitals in the pandemic, we joined the fight and decided to provide Covid Support by supplying the supply of Oxygen Generator to a hospital in Kalwa, Thane, and also arranged for a liquid oxygen transportation tanker to the Government of Maharashtra. Along with this, we undertook the distribution of Covid safety kits and food packets to needy people to secure and support them.

Our initiatives come at a time when it has been weeks of incessant struggle for hospitals and citizens to get a regular supply of oxygen, which is critical for a lot of patients hospitalized with COVID. We, at SMC Infrastructure, focus on excellence, be it in infrastructure or in our other areas of influence, and are geared to ensure that we are not just a company that executes projects for profit, but one that creates infrastructure for life.

As a part of our CSR initiative, we provide health insurance to all the employees of SMC Infrastructures Mumbai and their families and also give educational assistance and scholarships to their children. We are also an active partner of the Baba Amte Foundation and collaborate with them to do our bit for providing education to the children of the downtrodden section of society.

Besides, we also undertake several environmental conservation actions like the tree plantation drive at Raja Canal STP site in Bangalore where we planted 100 trees of Teak and Sal.