How SMC Infrastructures Reformed the Solid Waste Management in Goa?

Waste management is a burning issue and one of the biggest challenges of the current times. When it comes to waste management in India, it is imperative to understand its impact on our lives and the environment. To manage waste efficiently, new avenues, good techniques and illustrations are being explored to either reuse and recycle the waste or convert it in the form of energy.

Waste management disposal has always remained an unheard phenomenon in the modern world. The spurring increase in the population and changing lifestyle of the people garbage composition and dumping across the cities. SMC Infrastructures Private Limited with its expertise in Municipal Solid Waste Management has been working on finding new avenues for managing and treating solid municipal waste.

The Goa government  in 2016 initiated to build a solid waste management plant that can serve as an ideal model for treating waste and preserve the environment of India‚Äôs most popular tourist spot. SMC Infrastructures developed a first-of-its-kind solid waste management plant in Goa to effectively treat municipal waste and generate electricity, compost or RDF.

It is the endeavor of the Goa State Government that each and every local body/Municipality segregates its waste and delivers the segregated waste to every processing facility in segregated form.

The plant conceptualized by SMC Infrastructures is a revolutionary waste management solution that is designed to recycle upto 90% of the waste, making it a huge milestone forwaste management in India. The state-of-the-art plant is an integrated Solid Waste Management Facility that has been fully functional since 2016.

It has been treating around 100-tonne of garbage everyday North Goa coastal belt and nearby village areas and additionally caters to beach cleaning waste and highway cleaning waste.

The Municipal Solid Waste Management plant in Goa was a part of the initiative to make Goa- the most popular tourist destination of India garbage-free by 2020. As per the records, the facility has treated total of 186008.3 tonnes of municipal solid waste from May 2016 to May 2020; 63399 tonnes of RDF generated, which is being disposed for co-processing to a cement factory from the facility and has generated 277925 KW (277 Mega Watt) power. The expansion of the plant capacity which is initiated and in progress as to treat more waste.

SMC Infrastructures has carved a niche for itself as a reputed infrastructure company creating enduring value for their customers and the society as a whole under the key leadership of its key founders directors Suhas Narayan Mehta, Arun Ramchandra Sheth, Anirudha Arun Seth and Prashant Madhusasan Mahagaokar.

SMC Infrastructures is a ISO 9001:2015 certified company and has a team of skilled consultants, impeccable engineers and trained workers led by a team of pragmatic leaders to deliver large and medium scale projects to meet the highest standard of safety and quality. Know more about our milestone Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Plant, Goa project at