How did the Coronavirus Pandemic Affect the Infrastructure Sector of India?

The infrastructure sector in India has witnessed a major shift in terms of growth owing to the COVID-19 outbreak all across the globe. Infrastructure is one of the highest growth-driving sectors for the Indian economy and also one of the biggest in terms of providing employment opportunities as well.

However, the infrastructure sector involves a heavy inflow of financial capital as well as the use of human capital (laborers, technicians, engineers, etc.; be it organized or unorganized) which means that the impact of the pandemic in this sector is largely much more compared to others.

With the pandemic, the sector has a roadblock with the number of investments and capital it attracts. As there is a huge financial capital outlay in this sector, there has been a delay of projects in the lockdown, which has ultimately led to increased costs, both investment-related and operational.

Several restrictions by the government and other respective authorities to control the spread and impact of the virus have prevented work on projects, adversely impacted supply chains, plants, equipment, materials and manpower.

Common issues that affected the Infrastructure sector during the pandemic:

  • Availability of workforce
  • Supply chain disruptions
  • Lack of locations availability
  • Travel restrictions
  • Compliance & regulations
  • Delay in constructions

Even after facing disruption and being affected by the coronavirus pandemic, we at SMC Infrastructures Private Limited faced the challenges with a positive spirit and undertook several initiatives to help those in need.

Steps taken by SMC Infrastructures to Fulfill Our Social Responsibility

At SMC Infrastructures Private Limited, we have always believed in channelizing our thrust towards a wide range of activities that are centered on the betterment of society ever since our inception. 

As a part of our social responsibility, we also joined the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic by taking measures to alleviate the shortage of oxygen in hospitals & treatment centers. We donated an Oxygen Generator to a hospital in Thane along with a liquid oxygen transportation tanker to the Government of Maharashtra.

Food packets and Covid safety kits were given to the stranded and needy people. As the country faced the Covid-19 pandemic, SMC Infrastructure ensured that staff and labor work in a safe environment.

Various Covid awareness camps were organised. Isolation huts for labourers were constructed. Regular temperature checks along with scheduled Covid RT-PCR tests are also carried out.

At SMC, we have always believed that people come first. Through our foundation, we pledge to increase our outreach to the disadvantaged and downtrodden. This is our commitment. For today, for tomorrow, and forever.